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  2. Information on the current situation / Corona

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    Information on the current situation / Corona
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    Signal splitters

    Versatile in use
    • Max. Input frequency
      • RS422: 1Mhz, SinCos: 500 kHz
    • Sub-D and terminal connection
    • Dynamic signal duplication using control signals
    • Simple parameterization using DIP switches
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    Lossless duplication of input signals.

    A signal splitter enables lossless duplication of input signals. At the same time, the signal levels are adjusted (HTL / TTL) or converted to a different format. Signal splitters with two input signals and additional control inputs can also be used as bounce-free signal crossovers or dual level converters.


    Product details
    SinCos signal duplication
    • SinCos input
    • Conversion from SinCos to HTL / TTL
    Product details
    HTL / TTL signal duplication
    • Two signal inputs
    • Two control inputs
    • Can be used as a signal switch
    • Can be used as a dual signal splitter