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  2. Information on the current situation / Corona

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    Information on the current situation / Corona
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    Fritz Kübler GmbH

    Monday - Thursday: 7.30 am to 5.00 pm
    Friday: 7.30 am to 4.00 pm

    Temperature displays

    High resolution and simple
    • 5- to 6-digit LED display
    • For various temperature sensors
    • Plain text programming
    • Signal converter – temperature to analog
    • Galvanic isolation
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    Acquisition of temperature readings with min/max detection and display.

    The right solution for your application. Kübler temperature displays stand for highest quality, optimum readability, and a long service life. The ease of installation thanks to plain text programming is to be emphasized. This saves you valuable time. Resistance thermometers, various thermocouples, or temperature and mV sensors can be easily connected to our temperature displays.
    Product details
    Temperature display for PT100 / Ni100

    5-digit display. Inputs: PT100 and Ni100 resistance thermometers. Min./max. - storage.

    Product details
    Temperature display for thermocouples

    5-digit display. Inputs: J, K and N thermocouples. Min./max. storage.

    Product details
    Display for temperature sensors

    6-digit display. Program. Input characteristic, min./max. storage, temperature and mV sensors. 2 limits analog output.