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    Information on the current situation / Corona
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    Service & Contact

    Service hours

    Fritz Kübler GmbH

    Monday - Thursday: 7.30 am to 5.00 pm
    Friday: 7.30 am to 4.00 pm

    Preset counter

    Fast and reliable
    • Electromechanical, electronic technology
    • Counting frequencies up to max. 1 MHz
    • Up to 6 output signals
    • Different interfaces
    • Power supply: Battery, AC or DC
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    Conveniently and reliably control pulses, times, and speeds.

    The right solution for your application. The wide range of preset counters are based on electronic and electromechanical technology. Kübler preset counters have been used worldwide for over 60 years and stand for highest quality, optimum readability, and a long service life. The fast reaction time of electronic preset counters as well as their simple plain text programming should also be emphasized here. These features save you time and money. You, too, can count with us – count on Kübler.


    Whether you opt for electromechanical or electronic preset counters,
    they all have one thing in common: They are manufactured for your application with the highest quality consciousness.

    Product Finder

    Special requirements

    Are you looking for specific technical features or do you have special counting technology requirements?
    With us, you'll find the perfect preset counter for your needs.

    Product Finder
    LCD preset counter with 48x24 mm DIN housing

    Multifunction counter for pulses, time and frequency.
    Also Multicolor LCD.

    Product Finder
    LED preset counter with 96x48 mm DIN housing

    Multifunction or dual preset counter. Alternatively with interfaces.

    Product Finder
    LCD preset counter with 96x48 mm DIN housing

    Multifunctional for pulses, times, frequencies – even reciprocal. Multicolor display.

    Product Finder
    Standard preset counter for front panel mounting

    33.3x50 mm, 50x50 mm to
    54x54 mm front panel cut-out.
    Electromechanical preset counters.