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  2. Information on the current situation / Corona

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    Information on the current situation / Corona
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    Monitoring the tower oscillation

    Safe and reliable
    • Tower oscillation sensor
    • Monitoring the tower oscillation
    • Compact and sturdy sensor design
    • Suitable for harsh environments

    More safety for wind turbines with Kübler tower oscillation sensors.

    Wind turbines are exposed to high loads, such as oscillations and vibrations. Oscillations must be reliably monitored in order to avoid damage and expensive downtime. Guidelines such as the GL2010 also require a tower oscillation monitoring and recommend it be assigned a performance level of d (PLd). In addition to encoders, bearingless encoders and slip rings, Kübler offers a sturdy and reliable tower oscillation sensor / acceleration sensor. If the oscillation is too high, the rotor blades are taken out of the wind for example. You too can ensure the maximum safety and system availability of your wind turbines. Choose Kübler.

    Monitoring the tower oscillation
    • 2-dimensional measuring
    • Inclination, acceleration and vibration
    • Resolution ± 2 g