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  2. Information on the current situation / Corona

    We are there for you.

    Information on the current situation / Corona
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    Service & Contact

    Service hours

    Fritz Kübler GmbH

    Monday - Thursday: 7.30 am to 5.00 pm
    Friday: 7.30 am to 4.00 pm

    Solutions for agricultural and forestry machines

    Reliable sensor solutions
    • Encoders and inclinometers
    • Suitable for outdoor use
    • High degree of protection up to IP69k
    • Competent advice and high service quality
    • Global presence in over 50 countries
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    Kübler sensors – for flawless continuous use.

    Kübler encoders and inclinometers, which meet high requirements, have been successfully used for many years to ensure a safe and precise function of machinery in the field of agriculture and forestry. Inclinometers monitor the horizontal position of the vehicle and issue warnings if the incline is too steep. Encoders measure the adjustment angle as well as the speed and the feed rate of the work equipment. Compact miniature encoders are integrated into the existing design at the customer’s request and make a big difference with intelligent extras.

    Example applications with Kübler products:

    Absolute measuring of the saw blade adjustment angle
    • Multiturn encoder
    • Magnetic scanning
    • Dimension of ? 39 mm
    Product details
    Feed speed and position
    • Incremental encoder
    • Optical scanning
    • Dimension ? 50 mm
    Product details
    Vehicle leveling – dynamic, precise
    • Inclinometer
    • Measuring range ±85°
    • Sturdy design
    Transmission of load, data and signals
    • Custom slip ring solution
    • Compact and robust
    • Field bus and Ethernet communication

    Mobile Automation

    Your application is our priority

    We are happy to take on custom challenges. Describe your application to us. Together we will find the right solution. We look forward to your inquiry.