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  2. Information on the current situation / Corona

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    Information on the current situation / Corona
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    Magnetic length measuring systems for linear motors

    Robust and reliable
    • Versatile in use – Incremental and absolute
    • Robust sensors – Protection IP69k
    • Simple mounting – Magnetic strip with adhesive strips
    • Wear-free technology – Contactless measuring principle
    • Space-saving design – Compact design
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    Contactless position measurement suitable for the harshest environments.

    Linear motors are versatile to use. They are often used in wood processing machines, solar energy systems, glass processing or even in medical technology. Each application thus places different requirements on the entire system. Kübler offers you the right measuring system. This is characterized by robustness, quality and reliability. The magnetic length measuring system is insensitive to dust, chips, and moisture and is resistant to many liquids and oils. Choose Kübler and find the right sensor solution for your application.

    Incremental or absolute

    The measuring system consists of a sensor and the corresponding magnetic strip.
    You can choose between incremental and absolute measuring systems.
    Product details
    • Resolution 1 μm
    • Pole spacing 1 mm
    • Protective category IP69k
    Product details
    • Resolution 5 μm
    • Pole spacing 2 mm
    • Protective category IP69k
    Product details
    • Resolution 1 μm
    • Measuring length max. 8 m
    Product details
    • Resolution 10 μm
    • Measuring length max. 20 m

    Technology in detail

    Product Finder

    Incremental measuring systems determine the actual position or the distance covered by counting pulses via a suitable controller. With a magnetic length measuring system, the pole changes on the magnetic strip are evaluated and intermediate values are interpolated.

    Product Finder

    Absolute measuring systems determine the respective position by means of a unique code pattern. Compared to an incremental system, an absolute measuring system does not require a reference run. In the event of a power failure, the current position is available immediately after power is restored.


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